GJNC | Festival | Soiree!

What a great season it’s been! Congrats to all our teams for their solid showing at Nationals, Festival and Soiree!  It has been another great season as we’ve had tremendous success both on and off the court!

Indoor is a Wrap!  See you all next season!  And for some of you …. on to BEACH!

ECC Champs!

12-Kim wins the U12 Championship at Emerald City!

17-Steph finishes 2nd in the U18 Open Gold Division!

Congrats to 14-Jordyn (3rd GOLD), 15-Pat (5th GOLD), 16-Bobby (5th GOLD) for solid performances at ECC!

15-Pat Regional Champs!

PSVBA 15-Pat wins the U15 Regional Championships!  The team continues to shine through adversity as they have not been at full strength since early in the season.  They have had a long battle with serious injuries, illness, and attendance due to high school tennis & track playoffs.   I can’t wait to see this team back at full strength!  Congrats to 12-Kim (2nd), 16-Bobby (2nd), and 14-Jordy (3rd) for great finishes at Regionals!

17-Rod gets 5th at SCVA!

PSVBA 17-Rodney played “lights out” in Las Vegas!  We are so proud of the way the girls performed!  They were in the GOLD bracket on the final day, finishing 5th overall in the 17 USA division.  It was a heart-breaking loss in their last match as they were so close to earning a USA Bid to Nationals!

Power League Champions!

PSVBA 12-Kim wins the U12 PSR Power League!  The 12s finished 1st place in 3 out of 4 play dates and finish as the top ranked U12 team in the region.

PSVBA 17-Steph wins the U18 PSR Power League.  The 17s spent most of their time playing in the Platinum League in Kelso and also finished 1st place in 3 of the 4 play dates securing their spot as the Top Ranked team in the region.

Other Notables: PSVBA 14-Jordyn finishes 4th overall in the U15 Power League.   PSVBA 15-Pat finishes 3rd overall in the U16 Power League, and complete the season as the only U15 team to compete in the prestigious U16 Platinum League while finishing as the highest ranked U15 team in the region.  PSVBA 16-Bobby finishes 5th overall in the U16 Power League and also earn the distinction of being one of the few teams to compete at Platinum.

PSVBA 14-Jordyn Earns USA Bid!

PSVBA 14-Jordyn gets to the U14 USA Championship match at the Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane and punch their ticket to Minneapolis!  The girls played so well this weekend and not only do they earn the (2nd Place) Silver Medal but they also earn a USA Bid to Junior Nationals!  They will join our four other Puget Sound teams that have previously qualified (12-Kim, 15-Pat, 16-Bobby, 17-Stpeh) … Marking this the 3rd consecutive season PSVBA has qualified five teams to Nationals!  Way to go girls!


PSVBA qualifies 4 Teams at the Bid Tournament!

Congratulations!  PSVBA 12-Kim, PSVBA 16-Bobby, and PSVBA 17-Steph all win their respective divisions at the 2017 PSR Bid Tournament and earn our region’s National Bid!  PSVBA 15-Pat also earned an American Bid by finishing 2nd in the Bid Tournament.  What a great overall performance by Puget Sound!


All PSVBA Championship Final in Springfield!

We had an “ALL Puget Sound Final” at the CEVA President’s Tournament in Springfield, Oregon!  PSVBA’s 15-Pat & 16-Bobby met in the Championship match!  Both teams dominated the first 2 days of pool play going into the Final Match undefeated.  For a while it looked like the 15s might upset the 16s and  run away with the Championship after a great first game.   But the 16s were not going to let that happen and found a way to win a very close game 2, and then stomped on the 15s in game 3 to take home the Championship!   Was such a fun tournament to participate in and Kudos to PSVBA 16-Mike for their President’s Spirit!

Platinum #1


Great weekend for our club at the Platinum League.  Both our teams finished 2nd overall and return #1 in our Region!  Congrats to PSVBA 15-Pat, going 2-1 in pool play and pulling off a great come from behind third set victory over Seattle Juniors 16s in the playoff bracket to reach the Championship match against NPJ-16s!  Girls played well and had a lot of fun!

Also Congrats to PSVBA 17-Steph!  They won their pool at 2-1 and in bracket playoffs won a close 3-set match over Oregon Juniors 18s landing them in the U18 Championship against Webfoot 18s.  Funny story, the Championship was decided by “rock-paper-scissors” as both teams agreed to get an early start home with the snow coming down hard late in the day! …and I’m sure playing on Super Bowl Sunday had a little influence on that too!

Was a great day for our club, and I do believe we are still just getting started!

PSR Power League #1

PSVBA off to a great start in PL #1

For our club, it’s more about how we finish than how we start… However, it’s always great to see several of our teams start well in the first power league of the 2017 Season!  CONGRATS to PSVBA 17-Steph for finishing #1 in the U18 PL and earning a spot in PLATINUM… and PSVBA 15-Pat for finishing #2 in the U16 PL and also earning a spot in PLATINUM!  Both of these teams are the only under aged teams in our  region “so far” to qualify for the prestigious top flight league and are looking forward to competing against the top teams from the Puget Sound Region and neighboring Columbia Empire Region.  Quite the honor!

CONGRATS to PSVBA 12-Kim for finishing undefeated (6-0) and finishing #1 in the U12 PL.  Great job to PSVBA 12-Bri (this is our 12-3 development team) who despite having a team of beginner players just learning the game, jumped from #33 to #21 in the U12 league!  Kudos to PSVBA 14-Jordyn (3-1) for winning their pool and qualifying to move to the GOLD flight at the next U15 Power League!

It’s still early in the season, but good to see many of our teams do awesome!  Here’s how we did:

PSVBA 12-Kim: 6-0 (#1 in U12 PL)
PSVBA 12-Tana: 2-3 (#29 Rank in U12 PL)
PSVBA 12-Bri: 1-6 (moved from #33 to #21 in U12 PL)
PSVBA 14-Jordyn:  3-1 (#10 in U15 PL -move to U15 GOLD Flight)
PSVBA 15-Pat: 3-1 (#2 in U16 PL – move to U16 PLATINUM!)
PSVBA 15-Kristy: 1-3 (#15 in U16 PL -move to U15 BRONZE Flight)
PSVBA 16-Bobby: 2-2 (#6 in U16 PL -stay U16 GOLD Flight)
PSVBA 16-Mike: 0-4 (#16 in U16 PL – stay U16 SILVER Flight)
PSVBA 17-Steph: 4-0 (#1 in U18 PL – move to U18 PLATINUM!)
PSVBA 17-Rod: 3-1 (#19 in U18 PL – move to U18 SILVER Flight)
PSVBA 18-Pat: 2-2 (#15 in U18 PL – stay U18 SILVER Flight)

MHM Oregon Classic

We sent (7) teams to the 2017 MHM Oregon Classic in Eugene.  Several of our teams finished in the Top 5 and overall our club had a great showing.  Kudos to PSVBA 16-Bobby for finishing Top 3 in the 16 Open Division, holding on to the #1 seed most of the tournament, they fell just short of the Championship Match losing in 3 sets to Webfoot 16-Gold.  PSVBA 15-Pat finished 13th in the 16 Open Division.  PSVBA 17-Steph had an outstanding tournament finishing 5th in the 18 Open Gold Division!