PSR Power League #1

PSVBA off to a great start in PL #1

For our club, it’s more about how we finish than how we start… However, it’s always great to see several of our teams start well in the first power league of the 2017 Season!  CONGRATS to PSVBA 17-Steph for finishing #1 in the U18 PL and earning a spot in PLATINUM… and PSVBA 15-Pat for finishing #2 in the U16 PL and also earning a spot in PLATINUM!  Both of these teams are the only under aged teams in our  region “so far” to qualify for the prestigious top flight league and are looking forward to competing against the top teams from the Puget Sound Region and neighboring Columbia Empire Region.  Quite the honor!

CONGRATS to PSVBA 12-Kim for finishing undefeated (6-0) and finishing #1 in the U12 PL.  Great job to PSVBA 12-Bri (this is our 12-3 development team) who despite having a team of beginner players just learning the game, jumped from #33 to #21 in the U12 league!  Kudos to PSVBA 14-Jordyn (3-1) for winning their pool and qualifying to move to the GOLD flight at the next U15 Power League!

It’s still early in the season, but good to see many of our teams do awesome!  Here’s how we did:

PSVBA 12-Kim: 6-0 (#1 in U12 PL)
PSVBA 12-Tana: 2-3 (#29 Rank in U12 PL)
PSVBA 12-Bri: 1-6 (moved from #33 to #21 in U12 PL)
PSVBA 14-Jordyn:  3-1 (#10 in U15 PL -move to U15 GOLD Flight)
PSVBA 15-Pat: 3-1 (#2 in U16 PL – move to U16 PLATINUM!)
PSVBA 15-Kristy: 1-3 (#15 in U16 PL -move to U15 BRONZE Flight)
PSVBA 16-Bobby: 2-2 (#6 in U16 PL -stay U16 GOLD Flight)
PSVBA 16-Mike: 0-4 (#16 in U16 PL – stay U16 SILVER Flight)
PSVBA 17-Steph: 4-0 (#1 in U18 PL – move to U18 PLATINUM!)
PSVBA 17-Rod: 3-1 (#19 in U18 PL – move to U18 SILVER Flight)
PSVBA 18-Pat: 2-2 (#15 in U18 PL – stay U18 SILVER Flight)